A kitchen is often the hub of the home, so it is essential to get the right feel for it. This is why we love a white kitchen as it’s pure, fresh, and can be dressed up with colourful accents. But what kind of white?

There are many shades of white, including warm, calm, bright, and soft white. We have selected some of our favourite kitchens that use different shades of white to create a beautiful space:

Ultra Clean White

Ultra Clean White kitchen

Ultra Clean White is a white that is bright and pure. Unfortunately, it’s a white that’s almost too white, almost too bright, almost too pure, and almost too clean. The Ultra Clean White kitchen cabinets have become increasingly popular in recent years as the general public has begun to embrace the notion of the ultra-white kitchen as a space for modern living and entertaining.

A key element to creating this look is using light-coloured cabinetry or other items such as countertops/sinks to offset the walls’ brightness. If your cabinets are darker than you’d like them to be—or if they’re not quite right—there are several ways you can go about painting them before installing new ones:

  • ) Remove them and repaint them before installation
  • ) Paint them after installation but before installing doors/drawers

Soft White

Soft white is your best bet if you’re looking for a warm white that doesn’t sacrifice modernity. This shade will give your kitchen a gentle glow and make it feel spacious—perfect for open-plan kitchens or those with limited wall space.

Soft white is also great if you have darker cabinets or floors, as contrasting the two colours will draw attention to both surfaces.

Warm White

Warm White kitchen

Warm white is a light yellowish-white similar to Ivory but with more yellow undertones. This colour is a popular choice for those who want the brightness of white without the starkness of pure whites—it’s both modern and elegant.

This colour decorates your kitchen with warm whites in mind and is ideal for any space where you’d like to incorporate a bit of softness into your look. For example, warm-coloured furniture or accessories alongside cool greys or blues can help balance the room’s overall aesthetic and create an inviting atmosphere for guests or family members (or yourself).

Bright White

Bright white, like all shades of white, is a good choice for the kitchen. It’s light and bright, perfect for a space intended to be a hub of activity in your home. Bright white can also look great when paired with other colours, like black or dark wood tones.

If you have dull floors and cupboards in your kitchen (or plan to sometime in the future), then, at that point, dazzling white would be a superb decision as it will help make both of these components stand apart more than they would somehow.

Organic White

Organic White

Organic white is a prevalent colour, and it’s no surprise that the warm white hue has a yellowish tint. If you want your kitchen to feel cosy and inviting, this is the colour for you. Organic white will give your space enough fun to keep things interesting while still striking and sophisticated if you’re looking for a modern look with some personality.

If you’re unsure where to start with your DIY project or are just curious about what materials are necessary for this type of task (and how much they’ll cost), we have plenty of resources that can help! We’ve created a complete guide with our favourite tips and tricks when it comes time to paint your cabinets white (or any other shade).

Soft Amber

Soft Amber is a warm white with a yellowish tone. It’s bright, clean, and modern. It can be used in any room, but it looks best in kitchens and bathrooms. If you need an even warmer tone, choose Pearl Light Glow or White Sands instead of Soft Amber.

Soft Amber is perfect for those who want to bring warmth into their dining rooms or living rooms without making them look too yellow.

Clean Ivory

Clean Ivory is a warm white that works equally well in modern and traditional spaces. It’s one of the most versatile whites we’ve ever seen—it looks great with almost any colour palette.

Clean Ivory is a modern white with just enough warmth to make it feel cosy without being too yellow or beige. Plus, its brightness makes it an ideal choice for brightening up dark rooms or creating a light-filled space that still feels spacious. Clean Ivory also has some added depth thanks to its softness—you can use this shade throughout your home without sacrificing comfort or style!


Now that we’ve looked at some great light kitchen cabinets ideas, you may be wondering where to start! Luckily, there’s no need to worry—we’ve got a few tips right here. First, decide on your colour scheme.

If you can pick out the colours for your kitchen cabinets and walls ahead of time, it will save you a lot of headaches later on down the line. Second, consider how much space is available in your kitchen: what are its dimensions? Will everything fit as you want it to? Finally, please consider which appliances or countertops will prioritize to be appropriately placed.