If you’re remodelling your kitchen, there’s a lot to consider. You must think about the flooring, countertops, backsplash, and those cabinets. Choosing new cabinets is one of the important choices in any kitchen remodel. So this begs the question: what’s the best colour for them?

There are plenty of options, but today we’re going to discuss blue kitchen cabinets with black appliances. Why? Because that’s a popular colour combination right now, and it’s pretty beautiful!

what colours go with navy blue

Blue is a great colour to use in a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room. The colour blue has many shades, like navy blue, turquoise blue, cobalt blue and powder blue. These different shades of blues can be used together or by themselves, depending on the look you want to achieve in your kitchen or bathroom.

Blue is a great colour because it will work with all other colours, including white, making it easy to decorate since white is often used as an accent colour throughout the home. However, if you are looking for something bolder, consider using several shades of blue together, such as navy, along with another shade like turquoise or cobalt.

coordinating colours with navy blue

coordinating colours with navy blue

Navy blue is a vibrant colour that will add vibrancy to any kitchen. It can also blend into other colours, including the following:

  • Green: Navy blue and green are complementary colours. When used together, they create an energetic, lively atmosphere that evokes a sense of energy and vitality.
  • Red: This combination creates an intense and bold look that can be used in small doses as part of a balanced design scheme or in larger doses as part of an eccentric design scheme.
  • Orange: The combination of these two colours creates a bold statement that will attract the attention of all who enter your home!

navy blue colour schemes

Navy blue is a versatile colour that can work with many colour schemes. Navy blue can be paired with black, brown, grey and white colours to create different styles. Here are some examples:

  • With Black

In this kitchen design, the blue cabinets have been painted dark navy blue; they look great when paired with the black stainless steel appliances and white granite countertops. To add more visual interest, there are glass tiles on the backsplash above where your stovetop will be located. This helps make the space appear larger while providing added moisture resistance for those rainy days when cooking dinner outside on your deck.

  • With Brown

Another example of navy blue combined with another neutral colour would be brown (see below). This masculine kitchen is made up of warm tones like reds, greys and browns, making this room perfect for entertaining friends or hosting family dinners on holidays such as Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve!

blue, green kitchen cabinets

blue, green kitchen cabinets

Blue-green kitchen cabinets are a bold choice, but they can be stunning when matched with the right flooring and countertops—or even light wood cabinets.

Here’s how to pull off this look:

  • Mix it up by choosing blue-green for your cabinetry and white for your walls. This contrasts warm and cool colours, making any space feel more sophisticated. It also means that you don’t have to worry about painting every single surface in your kitchen, giving you more time to spend on other decorating details!
  • If you’re short on time, choose a neutral colour scheme like black appliances paired with white walls (a traditional look). Then pick out some blue-green cabinets from our selection below, so the room feels balanced overall without being too monochromatic or dull!

what colour goes well with navy blue walls

Navy blue is an excellent colour. Navy blue can be used in many house rooms, from the bedroom to the kitchen and even bathrooms. There are many shades of navy blue, so you can easily find one that works for your space.

The navy colour goes well with all-white blooms, such as ivory and taupe. However, if you want to add warmth to your bathroom or bedroom and make it feel cosy, try adding some yellow or orange accents to balance the room’s coolness. For example: light up those cabinets by painting them a bright shade such as turquoise!

Blue is a beautiful colour, but it is essential to find complementary colours for your home.

Consider white if you’re looking for a calming, soothing colour to complement your blue kitchen cabinets. White is another classic shade that can be utilized in any house room. It’s one of the most popular colours among homeowners because it offers a neutral hue that works well with almost anything else.

Blue is an excellent choice for anyone seeking to add more vibrancy and energy to their home’s design scheme. It positively influences our moods and can give us an overall sense of calmness and peace even when things get hectic outside the home.

Blue also has a variety of other uses – besides adding style to kitchens or bathrooms (or any other room), it makes an excellent backdrop for artwork pieces or accessories since they’ll stand out against this vibrant shade! This means you can use blue in various ways throughout your entire house without worrying about clashing colours like red/orange versus yellow/green would do if used together incorrectly.”


Blue is a relaxed and calming colour, so pairing it with black appliances will make your kitchen feel where you want to spend time. It’s also easy on the eyes, which means that no matter what kind of space you have, this combination will look good in it! But if blue isn’t your thing or if you are trying to create an entirely different look, then we recommend using white instead- because this colour makes everything around seem brighter without adding any additional light source!