If you’re looking for a kitchen remodel or a new kitchen, you might be the type who wants to make your house look like a luxury home. If so, natural wood kitchen cabinets could be just what you need. These cabinets have been around for years, and they’re currently trending again.

In fact, according to Houzz’s latest survey of its users on wood species used in kitchen cabinet construction, maple was named their top choice among natural hardwoods. White oak came in second place. The survey also found that more than 65 percent of respondents preferred cabinet doors made from solid wood over veneer boards with no visible grain pattern.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets


Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural cherry wood kitchen island cabinets are one of the most popular choices for homeowners who want to add a touch of elegance to their space. However, natural wood cabinets can also be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more traditional look or if you’re planning on adding new fixtures and finishes that complement the style of your existing furniture in the room.

Natural wood is known for its durability. It can stand up against spills, splashes, and even heavy use over time without showing signs of wear or tear, as some other materials might have done in similar situations.

It’s also easy to care for when cleaning up after meals or other messy activities that may occur within your home’s kitchen area; all you need is soap and warm water (or something more substantial if necessary) to clean any messes off your cabinets’ surfaces with minimal effort required on your part!

The natural look is in

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are the hottest trend in home design.

With their rustic look and feel, natural wood kitchen cabinets offer a unique, durable, and environmentally friendly feature. These cabinets are also more affordable than their synthetic counterparts, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to add beauty and value to their kitchens at an affordable price. Natural wood kitchen cabinets have been around since before our country was formed—and they’re here to stay!

Top 5 Wood Species for Cabinets

  • Oak:

The wood of choice for many cabinetmakers, oak is a classic that can be stained or finished in various colors.

  • Maple Cabinets:

This species is known for its uniform grain and durability, making it ideal for kitchen cabinets. The color range includes blonde to dark walnut tones with reddish hues; maple also tends to have an attractive figure that adds character to your cabinets.

  • Hickory Cabinets:

Distinctive natural markings (think knots) give this species an exciting look that’s perfect if you’re looking for something distinctively different than the norm!

  • Ash Cabinets: 

With its pale yellow-to-brown hue and straight grain pattern, ash has become one of the most popular woods used in cabinetry today — primarily because it works so well with lighter-colored countertops like granite or marble! Plus, it has excellent strength properties making it perfect for kitchen cabinetry and other furniture components such as table legs which require support from underneath (as opposed to just sitting on top), so they won’t warp or break easily under pressure like plywood would do instead…


Oak is a robust and durable hardwood. Oak has been used in construction and furniture for centuries, making it a classic wood that many consumers are familiar with. It’s also highly resistant to dents and scratches, which makes it an excellent choice for cabinets in your kitchen.

Maple Cabinets


Maple Cabinets

Most people think of maple as a hardwood, and that’s true. However, its wood is relatively dense and heavy compared to other woods.

But what most people don’t know about maple is that it’s also relatively light in color. The more golden the color of a piece of maple, the more valuable it is perceived by consumers—and there are plenty of options out there for you to choose from.

If your kitchen has a lot of natural light coming in through windows or skylights, then you’ll want to choose a shade of maple with light tones like blond or caramel. On the other hand, if your kitchen is darker and its walls are painted white or another pale color, then dark browns may look best on your cabinets (though if this isn’t your taste preference, we recommend checking out our other types).

Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets are an excellent choice for your kitchen cabinets. Hickory is a tough, durable wood that will last a long time. It’s one of the most popular woods for cabinets because of its durability, high quality, and beautiful color.

Hickory has a fine grain structure with dark brown color tones with streaks of red, light browns, and tans throughout the wood grain.

Its smooth texture allows it to be stained or painted easily, giving you options for making your kitchen look amazing!

Ash Cabinets


Ash Cabinets

Ash is a strong, hard, fine-grained hardwood that is used for furniture and cabinets. Ash has been used for centuries to make high-quality furniture because of its durability and strength. In addition, this wood is an excellent choice for Menards kitchen cabinets ideas. It’s also a popular choice for cabinets in bathrooms and utility rooms because of its resistance to water damage and warping caused by humidity changes.

If you’re looking for natural wood cabinets that are durable enough to last decades without requiring maintenance or repair, choose ash cabinets from Big Mountain Cabinets!

Bamboo Cabinets

Bamboo is a beautiful, renewable resource that is becoming more popular in the world of kitchen cabinetry. Because bamboo proliferates, it is an excellent sustainable material for building cabinets. The best part about this beautiful wood is that you will not have to worry about getting rid of it if you decide to move on from your house and sell it; just like with other wooden materials, they get better with age!

Another benefit to using bamboo as your primary material is that it has a natural oil coating on each piece, which protects them against moisture and insects. This means there’s no need for harsh chemicals or pesticides when working with bamboo; instead, you have to clean them occasionally with warm water.

4 Ways to Work Natural Wood into Your Kitchen

  • Opt for wood that can be sanded down and refinished for the kitchen countertops. This will ensure that your countertops won’t get too scratched over time.
  • If you’re feeling ambitious enough to refinish your floors, check out some tutorials on YouTube or look into hiring a professional contractor to do it for you! This will save both money and time in comparison to buying prefinished flooring.
  • While it may not match the rest of your home decor perfectly, using wood as the ceiling can add an exotic feel to any room without being too flashy or imposing (think: rustic cabin).
  • When choosing cabinets, make sure they’re thickly built so they’ll last longer than cheaper versions made from particle board or MDF (medium-density fiberboard). You want solid construction with plenty of storage space—make sure there aren’t any gaps between each drawer where bugs could crawl through!
  • Don’t forget about backsplashes! They don’t have to be expensive either; look around at hardware stores until something catches your eye that fits well with other elements throughout the rest of the house 🙂

The Natural Look is In!


The Natural Look is In!

Natural wood is becoming a popular choice for kitchen cabinets, and good reason. The natural look adds warmth and character to your kitchen while providing many people love a rustic feel. If you are considering remodeling your kitchen, consider adding some natural wood cabinets!

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are in. Everyone wants organic, real-looking cabinets, and these are the top species of wood to use.

You don’t have to wait for your home to be built from scratch. Instead, you can find a great place that sells natural wood cabinets and get the look of a custom kitchen at an affordable price.

You may wonder whether a natural wood kitchen is proper for you. You’re not alone! Many people are unsure what look they want in their homes but know they want something with extra style and charm. Here are some reasons why so many homeowners choose this option:

  • Natural wood cabinets offer an organic appearance that gives any room character and personality—and it doesn’t take much effort to achieve the effect!
  • They’re often made from renewable resources such as bamboo or cedar instead of manufactured materials like particleboard (MDF). This makes them safer for use around food preparation areas because they don’t contain chemicals like adhesives or finishes used on composite woods. MDF can contain harmful chemicals like formaldehyde which may cause serious health problems if exposed over time.* Natural materials add warmth and depth to any décor theme


As you can see, natural wood kitchen cabinets are an excellent option for your kitchen. They add warmth and beauty to the room while being functional and long-lasting. We hope our tips have helped you choose your perfect cabinet design!