Kitchen color schemes with black appliances are such an excellent color to use in the kitchen. It’s just so unexpected and bold. I love using it as an accent on white or dark cabinets, but it can also work well with light cabinets if you do something like this classic combo of black and white.

Cherry Wood With White

If you’re looking for a classic look, the cherry wood kitchen island and countertops are an excellent choice as they can easily be combined with either white or black appliances. A white backsplash is another great option for this kitchen style because the dark wood will contrast beautifully with it. You could also add some character by using black flooring or adding a bit of warmth by choosing dark brown flooring instead.

Opting for white cabinetry might be your best bet if you prefer something more modern. White cabinets paired with stainless steel appliances will create a sleek and contemporary feel that won’t clash with anything else in the room—especially since most people choose stainless steel appliances when they have white cabinetry!

White With Black And Stainless Steel


White With Black And Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for a classic kitchen color scheme, consider pairing white cabinets with black and stainless steel. This combination can be used in various ways and works well in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. For example, white cabinets offer an airy, spacious feel that’s great for modern kitchens with high ceilings. They also make a kitchen look clean and bright, making cooking and entertaining guests easier.

If you have the space (and budget), white cabinetry is a smart choice if your kitchen is visible from another room like the living room or dining area. It offers an elegant backdrop for entertaining guests without distracting other room elements, such as wall artwork or flooring patterns.

Black and white checkerboard floor.

If you are looking for a flooring solution that will make your kitchen pop, black and white checkerboard floors are a great option. They are a classic choice and look fantastic in any kitchen style.

Black and white checkered tiles can be used as an accent tile in the same way that black and white checkered wall paint is used as an accent wall in many kitchens. In addition, the tiles come in different sizes, so they can be used to create patterns on the floor or walls of your kitchen if you choose not to use them all over your entire space.

An excellent way to incorporate these designs into your kitchen remodel is by using them on one side of island countertops so that customers can see them when standing at their stations while cooking or preparing food items for sale; this will give potential buyers the opportunity “see” how well it will fit with their current design scheme without having to ask too many questions about what type of tile was used during construction.

High-Contrast Cabinets


High-Contrast Cabinets

If you have dark floors, go for light cabinets: This is a classic color pairing that can make your kitchen pop. Light cabinets are also a great option if you have darker cabinetry elsewhere in your home.

If you have light floors, go for dark cabinets: It’s just as simple as it sounds! Using the same color scheme throughout your house will help maintain a uniform look and feel, even if your kitchen is painted differently than the rest of the rooms.

Use black appliances and countertops with either white or gray walls for an elegant look (this works particularly well when paired with lighter-colored cabinet fronts). You can also add some contrast by painting your walls black or choosing black accents such as flooring or hardware—keep in mind that this combo might feel too formal if it’s used throughout the entire kitchen area (and not just near where people eat meals).

Contrasting Wood and White

  • Use a light wood floor and dark wood cabinet.
  • Use white or light-colored cabinets.
  • Use light-colored walls. A pale yellow or green might work well here, depending on the other elements of your kitchen design.
  • Choose lighter-colored countertops that match the cabinets rather than darker ones that will contrast with them; consider something like white quartz if you want something more exotic than traditional porcelain tile for your countertop material.
  • If you’re looking at tile for your backsplash (or wall), go with something that matches your cabinets instead of standing out from them by being a bright color like red or orange – unless this is intentional contrast! If so, then go nuts!

Black and White Tiles


Black and White Tiles

If you have black appliances, you can use them to your advantage using the same color scheme throughout your kitchen. For example, use white tiles for the backsplash and flooring and black tiles for everything else—including countertops and cabinetry. This will create a clean look that works with any style, though if it doesn’t work for your space, you can always switch up the elements so that they fit better together.

Red, Black, And White

Red, black and white is a classic color combination that has stood the test of time. The red, black, and white kitchen can be used in many homes. For example, you can use red, black, and white in your kitchen if you have a modern home with stainless steel appliances or wood cabinets. It also works well with a traditional farmhouse-style home with dark wood cabinets and granite countertops.

If you’re looking for ideas to create this look, here are some things to keep in mind:

You can use several color schemes in the kitchen when you have black appliances.

If you have black kitchen appliances, the first step is to choose a color scheme. You can use several color schemes in the kitchen when you have black appliances.

You can use a dark color for the floor and light colors for everything else. This will allow your black cabinets to stand out more and make them more prominent in the space.

Or, if you want things to look more cohesive and uniform, consider using lighter shades throughout your kitchen. This will allow all of your surfaces to blend seamlessly.

If you want some contrast in your space, experiment with mixing lighter or darker shades for different elements like flooring, walls, and countertops (countertops are typically made from marble).


I hope this post has given you some ideas for color schemes in your kitchen. For example, if you have black appliances, it’s essential to make sure the color of your walls and cabinets matches. You don’t want them to look mismatched when they are so close together!