Have you been thinking about painting the walls in your kitchen? Maybe you want to go bolder with a new color, or give your space a fresh look. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or ready to pick up a brush, let’s take a look at some excellent kitchen colors schemes with cherry cabinets:

Kitchen cabinets for mobile homes


If you have a mobile home, then it’s likely that you don’t have enough space for all of your kitchen appliances. That doesn’t mean that you can’t make a beautiful kitchen though! You just need the right kitchen cabinets for mobile homes.

When choosing what type of cabinets to get, there are two main options:

  • Ready-made cabinets: These are already made and can be bought at any hardware store or home improvement store. They’re usually cheap, but they also may not be in the style that you want.
  • Customized kitchens: This is more expensive than buying ready-made kitchens because they must be custom made by an experienced carpenter who knows how to work with wood. However, this method will give whatever style and color scheme you want (within reason), so if you want something unique then this option is perfect for you!

White kitchen cabinets with black hardware


Light or medium wood tones are the best choice for white kitchen cabinets with black hardware. They help to create an elegant appearance and make the kitchen look larger than it really is. You can use this color scheme in other areas of your home, such as the office or dining room, but it will work best in a small space because there isn’t enough contrast between dark and light colors to make it stand out from neighboring rooms.

Antique kitchen cabinets


The term “antique” is used to describe anything that’s at least 100 years old. When you’re looking at antique kitchen cabinets, they should be made of wood or metal and crafted to look like they’re older than 100 years old. Antique kitchen cabinets come in many different styles including shaker, farmhouse and craftsman.

Antique white kitchen cabinets are a stylish choice for those who want a classic look without going overboard on design elements like ornate hardware or other decorative features. These can be paired with granite countertops or marble countertops depending on your personal preference and budget. Antiques aren’t always cheap but these types of items rarely go out of style so it may be worthwhile to invest in them now if you have some extra money available then simply replace them later when something newer comes along.

Dark brown kitchen


Dark Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Dark brown kitchen cabinets help to create a calm and relaxed mood. The warm, rich tones of this color are ideal for those who want their kitchen to feel cozy and inviting. They also work well with white backsplashes and countertops, which give the space an elegant look. If you’re looking for a dark brown cabinet color that’s not too dark, choose one that is closer to espresso than chocolate brown.

Distressed kitchen cabinets white

  • White cabinets with black hardware: The white kitchen is a classic, but the addition of black handles and knobs adds an element of drama. This look works especially well in a modern space that doesn’t need to feel overtly feminine.
  • White cabinets with dark brown drawers: Darker wood can help create visual interest without overwhelming your space—especially in a small kitchen where you want to avoid creating too much visual clutter around the sink area or stovetop.
  • White cabinets with black drawers: Keeping it all white? Add some contrast! Painting just your cabinet drawer fronts (or even just one side) will give your kitchen an instantly more modern vibe while still keeping things very clean-looking overall since it’s only on one side rather than throughout the entire piece of furniture itself. You can also try painting inside compartment doors instead—but beware if you have kids eating breakfast at home every morning because they might think they’re locked inside their room when they’re really not! 😉

Walmart kitchen cabinets

If you’re looking for a kitchen color scheme with cherry cabinets, consider the Walmart brand. These cabinets are of high quality and come in a variety of finishes, including black granite and glass doors.

Walmart’s custom kitchen cabinet shop offers numerous options for each room in your house. For example, if you’re looking for something specific—such as walnut wood countertops or white cabinets—you can choose those options when ordering online. Additionally, Walmart offers several different sizes of their kitchen sets so that they’ll fit any home size or the space layout. This makes them an ideal choice if you’re planning on replacing older cabinets in your current home design with new ones that have been built specifically with today’s trends in mind!

Kitchen craft cabinets


  • Kitchen Craft Cabinets. Kitchen Craft cabinets are a high-quality brand that offers an extensive range of products, including kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, and furniture.
  • Kitchen Craft Cabinetry Reviews. Read the reviews on Redtag to determine the best prices on these kitchen cabinets at your local hardware store or online retailer.
  • Kitchen Craft Cabinetry Sale. There may be some great deals on these kitchen cabinets when they’re included in sales or promotions offered by the manufacturer or retailer where you buy them; check out any current promotions with caution since they often involve limited quantities of stock at reduced prices that could sell out quickly if you wait too long before purchasing one!
  • Kitchen Craft Cabinetry Usa If you’re interested in buying American-made cabinets for your home but aren’t sure where to start looking for such items? We found some good news: The kitchen craft is made here in America!

Mixing knobs and pulls on kitchen cabinets

Adding knobs and pulls to kitchen cabinets is a great way to add both style and personality to your kitchen. They can be used to give the space a colorful, textured look that you’ll enjoy seeing every day.

You can also use knobs and pulls as an opportunity to show off your personal style with decorative elements that reflect your interests or hobbies. This kind of detail will not only improve the functionality of your kitchen but make it easier for guests to tell who lives there at first glance!

Mid century modern kitchen cabinets



We have covered a lot of good ideas for kitchen cabinets. Now it’s time to move on to the rest of your kitchen.

Here are some great ideas for kitchen appliances, islands and flooring:

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