If you’re considering installing an outdoor kitchen at your home, this article will help you decide what features to include. When I was renovating my backyard, I decided to install a multi-purpose outdoor kitchen that could withstand any type of weather. This has allowed me to grill year-round without worrying about rain or snow getting in the way.

I’ve included some ideas for your own Big Green Egg outdoor kitchen lighting ideas below. We’ll discuss how much space you need, what tools should be included, and what types of materials work best for this type of cooking space.

A built-in kitchen

A built-in kitchen

A built-in kitchen is a great way to save space and adds a unique look to your outdoor kitchen. Adding cabinets, countertops, and a sink can create a pretty cool-looking build-in. If you plan on having an outdoor grill or smoker, you don’t want water splashing on the grill’s cooking surface of the grill so make sure the sink is installed high enough so that no water will hit it when using hot items like pans or grills.

A lot of people like using their big green egg as an outdoor barbeque grill with lots of different options for food preparation including grilling and smoking meats or vegetables while they are cooking at high temperatures over low heat which makes them tender and juicy inside with crispy edges outside!

Add a sink to your outdoor kitchen

Add a sink to your outdoor kitchen

A sink is an excellent addition to your outdoor kitchen if you have the space. It allows you to wash dishes, wash your hands, and even lets you do some simple food prep if needed.

You can find sinks from a variety of manufacturers that are designed specifically for outdoor use. They’re made from materials like stainless steel which means they won’t rust or rot over time and can withstand the heat from your smoker. These sinks also include a drain in case moisture builds up inside them during use so water doesn’t sit around on top of the surface causing bacteria growth (which could lead to health problems).

If you want something smaller than this full-size version then there are also portable dishwashers that can be placed next to any grill where they can take care of all those dirty plates while you get back into cooking mode!

Install a gas grill into your outdoor kitchen

Install a gas grill into your outdoor kitchen.

Gas grills are easy to use, clean, and maintain. They’re also more powerful than charcoal grills and have more versatility. This means you can use them for various cooking methods, including searing, smoking, and grilling. You can even use the burner on your gas grill as an oven!

However, there are some downsides to using a gas grill: they’re pricier than their charcoal counterparts; they require propane refills every so often, and they require you to keep track of your fuel levels at all times. If you don’t mind keeping tabs on these things (and if you already own one), then by all means go ahead!

Include an outdoor pizza oven

Include an outdoor pizza oven

Pizza ovens, while they sound like a luxury and tend to be pricey, are an excellent addition to any outdoor cooking setup. You can use your pizza oven for more than just pizza (though we won’t judge if that’s all you ever want to make). A great way to save money on your pizzas is by using the oven as a bread-baking device.

Pizza dough is easy enough to make at home, but it’s also not difficult or time-consuming enough for most people to bother making from scratch every time they want a slice of pie. Instead of buying pre-made dough from the store just for one meal, why not bake your own? Baking bread in an outdoor cooking setup gives you options:

you can bake several loaves at once and freeze them, or simply make one loaf fresh every week or so and reheat slices when needed. You could also experiment with other baked goods such as biscuits—if you’re feeling adventurous!

When purchasing an outdoor pizza oven kit (yes! They exist!), keep in mind what kind of space you have available inside your egg. While some kits include everything needed for installation into smaller versions like 18″ models (such as those sold under their “big green egg” line), others require custom fabrication due

to size differences between brands such as Kamado Joe versus Green Egg models. If this is something that interests you then go ahead and check out some options online before buying anything else!

Add a smoker to your outdoor kitchen

Add a smoker to your outdoor kitchen

Smoking meats, fish, and vegetables is a great way to add flavor and depth to your dishes. You can cook on an electric smoker or a gas-powered model. Electric smokers are portable and easy to use, but gas smokers tend to have more options for temperature control (and thus, more versatility).

If you want something that will give you the full outdoor kitchen experience without taking up too much space or requiring too much maintenance, consider mounting your smoker on top of an old trailer! Otherwise, if you want something built in but still portable enough for day trips with friends and family members who aren’t quite as hardcore as you are about cooking outdoors then build it into the side of your deck instead!

This type of accessory could also be used for smoking other things than meat such as cheese or even herbs!

Well-lit outdoor kitchens are beautiful at night

outdoor kitchens are beautiful at night

Lighting can be used to create a variety of moods in your outdoor kitchen. It’s important to balance the amount of light you use with its source, whether that’s from candles or incandescent bulbs. The right combination will create visual interest and highlight the best features of your outdoor kitchen.

For example, if you’re looking for a sense of security, dimmer switches are helpful because they allow you to control how much light is being emitted into the air.

You may want to set up some additional lighting near entrances or gates so they’re illuminated when it gets dark outside. You could also employ motion-detecting lights with dimmers so that they only come on when someone approaches them and then turn off after they’ve left again—this sort of lighting is especially useful if you have children who play outside after dark!

Adding privacy shades around windows is another way to give yourself more privacy on an otherwise open patio space; this means no one can see inside unless they’re standing right in front of them at eye level (or above) which makes perfect sense as well!

Use stone countertops on your outdoor kitchen islands

Use stone countertops on your outdoor kitchen islands

Choosing stone countertops for your outdoor kitchen is a great way to make sure that you have a durable and long-lasting surface. Stone is highly resistant to wear and tear, which means that it will last for years before needing replacement or repair.

The types of stone countertop materials include granite, marble, and soapstone. All three are good choices for outdoor kitchens because they can withstand the elements better than most other types of materials. They also tend to be easy to clean—just wipe them with soap and water if they get dirty!

Because these materials are expensive, you must choose one that fits within your budget but still provides all the qualities you want in an outdoor kitchen island countertop surface: flatness; ease of installation; durability; ease of cleaning; low maintenance (you should only need soap when cleaning these surfaces).

Be smart with your storage options

Be smart with your storage options kitchen

  • Use a combination of cabinets, drawers, and shelves. While your main focus may be on the cooking area, storage is just as important. You can keep things organized with a variety of cabinets and drawers. Consider placing them near the grill so that they don’t block your view when you’re cooking.
  • Make sure your storage is easily accessible. There’s no need to worry about using space under the sink if it makes it difficult for you to access what you need! You should also place items at eye level for convenience—no one wants to bend down every time they want something from their outdoor kitchen essentials!
  • Use vertical space for storage too! If you have an outdoor wall that isn’t being used by any other appliances or features in the backyard (this is usually reserved for seating areas), then consider putting shelves up there instead of other features like lighting fixtures or speakers – these will give extra room while still keeping everything close at the hand!
  • A lazy Susan can be very useful in an outdoor kitchen because its rotating design makes it easy to access each item without having to fumble through drawers or cupboards every time something needs replacing/refilling; this type of design also allows users who might not otherwise know where certain items are located get quick answers by simply spinning until they find what they’re looking for … perfect if someone forgets where their salt shaker was placed last week!”

Consider integrating a Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen design

Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen design

The Big Green Egg is a large, ceramic cooking device that can be used for grilling food. It’s often used to cook larger cuts of meat at low temperatures over long periods, making it ideal for large gatherings where multiple dishes will be served.

You could integrate a Big Green Egg into your outdoor kitchen in one of two ways: either by building an entire wall around the grill or building a smaller space within your existing kitchen with the grill as its centerpiece. Either way, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Place the Big Green Egg on top of the base unit (this is sold separately). Be sure that there isn’t anything blocking where you plan on placing it before you do so!
  • Pour water into the drip pan and position it inside your grill holder so that it rests evenly on top without being too loose or falling off entirely when moving around within different areas inside this area (if needed).
  • This will ensure even distribution throughout cooking time without having any excess liquid dripping down onto flames below which could cause flare-ups due to too much heat being applied from above instead just from below through direct contact between flame & meat/food item being grilled rather than via indirect method like broiler does with oven-baked items such as cookies & cakes etcetera.)